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Lowes Discounts

Lowes Discounts

Amazing Savings in the Lowe's Clearance Center


Click On Savings At Lowes!


Contractors Discount Center (CDC) offers Building Supply Discounts at Lowes

Lowes Discounts is Your Ticket to Instant Coupon Savings on building supplies

Let’s face it, material costs are going up across the board. Building contractors are not immune to these inflationary trends and need to save every nickel on building materials. That’s why the Contractor’s Discount Center (CDC) makes it easy for building contractors and their partners to take advantage of exclusive discounts for building supplies with Lowes Discounts.

Lowes offers a special 5 percent discount for business owners who open a Lowes credit card. According to the Lowes Savings Center, customers can also save at the national hardware retailer by using these five shopping methods:

  • Get 5 percent off every day with the Lowes credit card
  • Take advantage of the Free Maintenance Supply Rack
  • Maximize bulk shipments with contractor packs
  • Save time ordering by phone, fax or online
  • Be flexible with reduced delivery options

You can see that Lowes offers incredible options for building contractors to save on their projects every day. That’s why contractors should check CDC before shopping at Lowes to get select discounts. These same items can be delivered directly to the job site to save time on transportation and give you more time to do what you do best– build.

To help you make a smooth transaction at Lowes, or any discount partner for that matter, CDC offers 24 hour customer support by calling (800) 326-7800. Our friendly customer service representatives would be happy to answer your questions and help you get the best building contractor discounts.

CDC can help your project’s bottom line because they can save your company on commercial and home construction materials that you purchase every day. CDC was designed for you to easily find coupons and special offers at nationwide retailers and suppliers where you normally shop. What’s more, these discounts are available everyday free of charge and without joining a group buyer’s discount club.

We believe that’s the most important feature of our service in a market flooded with coupon groups that charge a membership fee. The Contractor’s Discount Center has a reputation for supporting the building contract profession since 1986.  For this reason, we are a proud member of the Building Trades Association since then.

In addition, CDC is available not to just you as a building contractor but to all building material consumers. That’s why it’s important to share this information with your business partners and friends to ensure their discount success. CDC wants to ensure that you are satisfied with the suppliers on our website and the discounts that you receive from them. Please tell us how we can better serve you on your next building project.

Because of rising costs in materials and health care, Contractors Discount Center (CDC) understands that your building contract business needs to save money where it counts. That’s why we provide you this service, Lowes Discounts, and we hope to continue that relationship for years to come: from the recovery and beyond.

 Lowes Discounts